[Maya/Free] Face-Weighted Vertex Normals Tool

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Fansub interpolator
Hey guys ! :) I've been thoroughly working on AMT's next update for almost half a year now, and decided to share with you one of the tools that will be included in it's next update for free !


AMT Normal Tools Lite is a custom vertex normal editing tool that allows you to automatically (or manually) set the vertex normals of a given face to be perpendicular to it's face normal.

This tool is provided for free, so feel free to share it with your friends and co-workers ! :)

It works on Maya 2016,2016LT,2016.5,2017 and 2017LT. Windows Only.

Unlike AMT's take on this solution, this tool requires the history of a bevel in order to work. The tool either uses a pre-existing bevel node in your history as a reference or creates a new bevel for you to  be able to control it.
Once the tool does it's magic, you can simply start dragging the middle mouse button left or right in order to adjust the bevel width of your mesh, which is pretty neat ! :)

AMT's next update is (again, i know) reported unfortunately, too much work and time mis-management  plus health issues have led to this, but i'm starting to adapt to it and slowly but surely pouring out the last bits of work on it :)

Again, really sorry for all the delays, hope this one lets you wait until then ^^'


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