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Self Portrait WIP

Started noodling out a head for funzies and it turned into some kind of self portrait project. Process so far:

Tools: Maya
Suggestions, critiques, and guidance appreciated.


  • RealBarenziah
    some gross placeholder textures !!!! skinning and texture painting are a huge weakness right now. Also concerned about how the hair topology.

  • jacopoS
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    jacopoS polycounter
    you might want to share a wireframe shot so that people can help you on that. It's particularly important to have good topology on the face if you are planning on animating her.
    So far is not looking bad though. The eyelids geometry could probably use some more care...
  • AtticusMars
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    AtticusMars greentooth

    Your current hair has a bit of an octopus thing going, similar forms should be combined given the style imo.

    Completely unrelated but if you aren't going to use the grid in the viewport you can turn it off.
  • RealBarenziah
    @jacopoS you are right on all accounts. I agree about the eyelids; much of this topology will need reworking.
    @AtticusMars thanks for the suggestion! The paintover is also very helpful. Sorry about the grid; I usually turn it off :tongue:

    I see what you mean by the octopus thing. I will definitely rework the hair.

    The bangs were originally separate from the rest of the hair. I used Boolean > Union to combine them, which turned out be a bad idea since I spent a lot of time reworking the seam by hand.

    Thanks for the guidance!
    I would like to rig an animate her eventually. I want to be able to pose her at least so I can get some good rendered shots at the end.
  • jacopoS
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    jacopoS polycounter
    The face topology is not bad overall but you're lacking the smile line which is very important for facial expressions.
    That is simply an edge loop that goes from one side of the nose all around the mouth and then back on the other side of the nose. It gets apparent on a smiling face.
    I've marked it on your image.

    The bad news of course is that you'll have to rework the topology all around it.
    The good news is that if you google search for "face topology" you'll find plenty of good examples of how that should look like.
    I took a couple of examples to show you:

    About the eyes, you'll simply need to put some thickness around the eyelids.
    Have fun! :)
  • RealBarenziah
    Thanks so much @jacopoS ! This is very helpful.
    Next chance I get I'm going to rework the face geometry.
  • RealBarenziah
    I've begun reworking the geometry of the face including adding some thickness to the eyelids:

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