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Planetrism is a Virtual Reality game about colonisation of alien planets. It will have RPG elements and has a grand story with different characters, history and locations. Multiplayer might be something that we are going to do in the future but right now our focus is in single player experience. 

We are using Unreal Engine (4.15) and the game is going to be playable in hi-end VR platforms (Vive & Rift). Right now our team consist of two members and I´m responsible for all the visual side of things. Two heads and a lot of different hats to wear :) Most of the assets right now are at WIP stage and shaders and lighting are going to change a lot in the future.

This thread will be used for posting updates and tips & tricks for VR development. Mostly from visual side of things and how we are solving different issues that VR brings. We want to be very transparent so if you have any questions or feedback, please post them! You can also follow more progress in Twitter and Facebook.


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