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[PAID]Environment Artist Needed: Hybrid (2D/3D) is Required for TV Pitch Project Based on Warcraft

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Brainchild, a small startup of dedicated artists in Toronto, Canada is looking for an artist to do environment pieces.

Please read before applying: 

- Since this work is not 'yet' endorsed nor officially approved by Blizzard Entertainment at this point, all that is about to be mentioned here is considered a ‘fan-fiction’. Our goal is to approach Blizzard at a later date to pitch the idea as a whole, and the project in particular, to them with credible materials to show our ‘proof-of-concept'. Right now we are in the 'Pre-Production' stage. This is where you come in.

- Our company's website, which exists but can only be seen by our team for the time being, is under construction primarily because of this project. So if you look us up on the web you might not get what you are looking for. Please understand that is due to the launch of this project. All of this will change soon (launch is pending upon completion of some work for the project, but it will be soon).  

- Knowledge of basic design using 3D software and painting over 3D geometry will make you a very strong contender for this project.

- Below is the link to one concept piece we had done for the project way back (a mix of environment and characters). This is the BARE MINIMUM of base quality we are after: 


Project Description

As part of our small team (six members at our startup), you will be designing 2D/3D paint-over concept art pieces for our pilot that will be filmed at a future date. This will be part of the package we plan to pitch to Blizzard. The events in the pilot take place in the Warcraft universe - specifically the events that occurred in Warcraft 3 and beyond. Quality and attention to detail are super important to us; not only from a conceptual-art standpoint, but also to make sure that we stay true to the 'Blizzard style'. WE REQUIRE 'MOVIE MATE-PAINTING' LEVEL OF FINISH. Specifically for this assignment, we are looking to do environment art pieces.

Being artists ourselves, we understand that everyone has strong and 'not-so-strong' points. When you submit your portfolio for evaluation, please keep in mind that you will be judged on your weakest piece. So it is wise that you ONLY submit your strongest work. Once we receive and evaluate, we will contact those who fit what we are looking for to conduct an interview. During the interview we will explain what the project is, show the work that had been done so far, and you get to ask any questions you might have. We try to be as transparent about the process as much as we can. 


One question we will answer immediately is regarding compensation. We pay per completed art piece a pre-agreed upon amount. You will get 50% before you start, and the other 50% after the final work had been approved and completed. This keeps things simple and easy to manage. At this point, there are no set amount of pieces to be done (we will start with one); so you might be commissioned to do work on multiple occasions. But as mentioned before, the pay will be for the set amount we both decide on at the time, and as we require more work to be completed, you might be contacted to see if you are interested and we agree on the fee.


Another very important point to mention is our process of iteration. We are a team that will constantly iterate and polish until we are completely happy with the final result. If it means throwing away a concept after having been working on it for sometime and restarting again, so be it. Of course we factor in the extra time that might take and we are flexible that way, but it can be daunting for some. If you think that this might not be feasible for you to do based on the amount of money we pay, then we strongly recommend that you re-think about applying. We do try to minimize the amount of iterations needed (thumbs, quick sketches,...etc), but sometimes when you are trying new things or finding your way to the best possible result that is not easily accomplished. It is not for everyone and we respect and understand that, but that is how we do things around here.

Good Luck!

The Brainchild Team


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