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Border Fill - modeler's dream come true

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Swordslayer interpolator
Final (?) Edit: looks like everyone and his duck made a variation of this at one point, and I'd like to point out the most universal solution so far:
Nice work, had done similar for 3dsmax some years back, released on polycount as well and also covering the non "perfect grid" cases, and extended control on interpolation etc.

I no longer actively code on the tool, but made it available for free
It also uses a different approach based on tangents instead of lerping the values:

Original message:

Decided to share one of the tools I use really often and anyway, I already released MeshSurface that's based on it before, so why not.

So here it is, Border Fill:

Yeah, I know, the headline was far-fetched, it's just a small utility to bind to shortcut or quadmenu but it made my life easier and I'd be happy it makes your life easier too.

For everyone who wants to tweak it, go ahead, it's not encrypted (if you do, it would be nice if you could share it).

Edit: Several people pointed me to an existing script that does the same:
pi3c3 said:
Rav3 said:
Thank you for sharing! Rapidtools quad cap doing something similar I guess but your is more advance and thanks for all your advanced primitives scripts as quad cylinder, gear etc. they are awesome! =)
RapidTools rapidQCap is doing the exact same thing... :) It can do this on multiple selection as well, and it has a built in corner search algorithm, which always try to search for the best result, and a lot more! :)

Anyways! Nice One!  ;)
And there's a topic for it now, so give the guy some love as well! Comes with many other goodies, be sure to check it.

Edit2: and rappatools do that too, it seems – I wouldn't be surprised if there are even more implementations in the wild

Edit3: there's also MCG Morph to Spline that's something like a DIY Curve Fill


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