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High Poly

I really liked working with the handplane baker and it worked pretty much perfectly. There are some minor things which could be improved. For example it would be nice if the curvature map could be splitted in cavity and convexity, so you can adjust the strength and height separately.

So here are some Points:
+ You can store and save your Project 
+ Different Projection Group's for baking without exploding
+ Define High Poly colors for material ID's
+ Supports meshes with N-gons 
+ The Cage and the Low Poly can have different Poly counts (!!!)
+ Huge texture size (up to 16k) and 16 bit
+ Different normal types for different applications
+ You can smooth the high-res normals inside of the baker 
+ AO for Floaters

- no Preview window during bakeing
- as far as i can see there is no way to bake surface normals

I had some issues with the normal Maps (seams and stepping) so tried to improve the bake quality and i found out that a Normal Map bake with the Unity 5.3 setting looks much better inside of Maya than the Normal Map with Maya 2013/2014 setting. It would be cool if you could improve the description for the different Normal bake settings.

In conclusion i have to say that i'm really impressed with this baker. The speed is awesome and the results as well! I think i will keep using this baker =)


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