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Hi Everyone,

Thanks for taking the time to look.

Two years ago I did an art test for a job that I didn't get =(  I decided to redo the art test with mostly the same rules as last time. I took a little bit of extra time for my 2nd attempt. Maybe about an hour or two extra. 

[Rules] Complete a HP model within 8 hours. Two References are provided. 

[My thoughts] I'm much happier with my 2nd attempt. My topology is a lot cleaner and my edge flow work is a bit better. There still some pinching happening in certain places, but not too much. Also, if I wanted to bake this to a LP model the edges would need to be A LOT softer. I learned how resetting the X-Form can really mess with the edges. The proportions of the model don't feel exactly right as well. The little arm piece on the side is too thin/small. Overall I'm happier with it, but still have a lot to learn. It was still challenging to make the model but I felt a lot more confident in my abilities the 2nd time around.

Any feedback or pointers on my results are welcomed, or you can tell me to quit modeling and become a professional urinal puck maker :smiley: 


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