Sketchbook: Kyle Field

A WIP in ZBrush for a Holiday Nutcracker.

Comments/Critique are welcome and appreciated.


  • ArkOfDarkness

    Completed High Poly model of a Motorcycle (While my primary area of focus is on Characters, it never hurts to diversify the portfolio if at all possible).

    Technical Breakdown:
    Time Spent - 10 to 12 Hours
    Polycount: 114,054 Tris
    Software Used - Only Maya (for now)

    Next Up, Building the Low Poly Mesh, UV'ing, Map Baking, and Texturing. (Still trying to decide between a Hand-Painted/Stylized aesthetic, or a full PBR approach)

    Comments/Feedback/Critiques are always welcome.
  • ArkOfDarkness

    Completely forgot to post this back when I finished it in March (Shame on me).

    I dabble in Concept Art in my downtime (that is, when I'm not working on other 3D projects in my downtime). Pretty sure it's not at "Professional Studio" quality, but I haven't really been planning on being a Concept Artist anyways (The sweet siren song of the Character Artist position is just too alluring).

    Again, Critiques/Comments/Feedback are always welcome and appreciated.
  • ArkOfDarkness
    Finally completed the building and UV'ing of the motorcycle model, and finished baking out the Normal Maps.
    As far as specs go, the LowPoly is about 18,300 Tris, and currently uses 2 normal maps:
    a 1024x1024 for the Engine, Exhaust, and Support Bars,
    and a 2048x2048 for the Wheels, Body, Seat, Mirrors, Handlebar Components, and Dashboard 
    (I'd originally hoped to keep it at 1024x1024, but there just wasn't enough resolution for everything, even with mirroring almost all of the topology)

    So far, I'm feeling pretty pleased with the results (just a quick screenshot of the LowPoly with Wireframe and Normals applied).

    Motorcycle: Support Structure Normal Map with Wireframe Overlay (1024 x 1024)

    Motorcycle: Body Normal Map with Wireframe Overlay (2048 x 2048)

    I suppose from here, it's off into Substance Painter to cook up the next batch of maps.

    As always, comments/critique/feedback are welcome and appreciated.
  • ArkOfDarkness
    I'm taking a small breather from the ongoing Motorcycle project (Ambient Occlusion Maps are all baked out).
    I figured I'd do something a little smaller as a quick Prop Study.

    Time Spent: 4.5 Hours.
    Poly Count: 120 Tris
    Texture Maps: 1024 x 1024 Normal, Diffuse, and Specular Maps.
    Software Used: Maya LT, Marmoset 3.

    I will probably never NOT end with this, but Comments/Critique/Feedback are always welcome.
  • ArkOfDarkness
    I absolutely adore weapon modeling. It's always so much fun.

    Time Spent: 6-8 Hours
    Polycount: 1352 Tris
    Texture Maps: 1024 x 1024 Diffuse and Emissive Maps
    Software Used: Maya LT, Photoshop, Substance Painter 2

    A bit of process explanation:
    I wanted to create something a bit more along the lines of a hand-painted/anime-esque aesthetic, but I also wanted to experiment a bit with incorporating Substance Painter into my workflow. In the end, I found myself with a full set of PBR Maps for the model, which I incorporated together into a single Diffuse Map. (The Emissive Map is basically unchanged from the original export, barring a slight brightness tweak)

    As always, Comments/Critique/Feedback are always welcome.
  • ArkOfDarkness

    Alright, I think I can finally call this motorcycle done. I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out, especially now that I have a decent working knowledge of how to use Marmoset and Substance Painter.

    Total Time Estimate: 50 Hours
    Polycount: 17,648 Tris
    Texture Maps: 2 Sets
    (2048 x 2048 for the Main Body:
    Diffuse, Roughness, Metalness, Normal Map
    1024 x 1024 for the Engine/Supporting Structure:
    Diffuse, Roughness, Metalness, Normal Map)

    Modeled in Maya,
    Textured in Substance Painter 2 and Photoshop,
    Rendered in Marmoset Toolbag 3


    Now that that's done with, I'm hoping to start getting churning out some character models to upload.

    Comments/Critiques/Feedback are always welcome.
  • ArkOfDarkness
    "Thicket": Blunderbuss Weapon Model

    Another game-ready model, fresh out the oven!

    Total Time Estimate: 10 - 12 Hours
    Polycount: 3,468 Tris
    Software Used: Maya LT, Photoshop, Substance Painter 2, Marmoset Toolbag 3

    I'm trying to build up my portfolio with the hopes of taking on some freelance/contract work (so seriously, any comments/critique/feedback would be of huge help - I want to be able to make quality assets that people can get excited over).

    This particular piece is a weapon for a personal project of mine as well (specifically, the concept for an animated series, with a whole pitch document and everything), that I've been fleshing out over the past few years. (It's also one of like 8 or 9 different story concepts I've got going on in my head, so it's downright painful when choosing which ones to work on first).

    The basic criteria was that it needed to be:
    1) Be a Blunderbuss (because shotguns are cool, so proto-shotguns must be proto-cool)
    2) It needed to be worn, scratched, and weathered (a gun with visible history, basically)
    3) It needed to be economical and durable, in-universe, and be a reflection of the person who would use it (The front hinge reinforces the barrel for extra strength, and also allows the barrel to swing up for rear-loading instead of traditional front-loading, which is very time-consuming. The flintlock mechanisms are also fairly simple/basic, so that it would be cheap to produce spare parts, and be easier to fix/repair when needed. Overall, a sturdy, no-frills workhorse that gets the job done)


    As always (this part will never change), Critiques/Comments/Feedback are always welcome.
  • ArkOfDarkness
    Finally: An actual character model for this sketchbook thread. (Seems kinda weird that there wasn't one in here yet, seeing as how I refer to myself as a Digital Artist that wants to specialize in CHARACTERS)

    Time Estimate: Probably somewhere around the 20 Hour Mark, to be honest I'm not really sure
    Polycount: 12,788 Tris
    Texture Maps: 2048 x 2048 (Diffuse, Normal, Ambient Occlusion, Roughness)

    Based on Original Concept Art provided by Taylor Hewitt (


    As always, Critiques/Comments/Feedback are always welcome.
  • ArkOfDarkness
    Huh. It's not very often that I get to post 2 projects in one day. (But this was just a quick one, I suppose)

    Time Estimate: approx. 4 - 5 Hours
    Polycount: 776 Tris
    Textures: 1024 x 1024 (Diffuse, Roughness, Metallic)

    This is a Creature (yes, a creature) for another story concept that I've been fleshing out over the years. Basically, it's the first stage in an evolutionary progression for a type of creature that feeds off of latent mental energy.

    As far as technical considerations go, I wanted to keep the polycount decently low, and try to limit how many textures I used, mainly because my intention was for this thing to congregate in swarms.


    I guess this means I'll be saying that comments/critique/feedback are welcome twice in one day.
  • ArkOfDarkness
    Another day, another model. (And a continuation of last time's creature model, with the second stage of its evolutionary line)

    Polycount: 3,760 Tris
    Textures: 1024 x 1024 (Diffuse, Roughness, Metallic, AO, Normal)
    Time Estimate: 4 - 6 Hours

    The overall gist of the Dark Thought creature line is that as they feed and evolve, they get bigger, stronger, and more intelligent. (Inklings just swarm and attack like insects, Concepts can hunt in packs like wolves, and things progress from there)


    I think the next post is going to be something new and different. As much as I intend on continuing this creature line, some variety is probably in order.

    As always, comments/critiques/feedback are always welcome and appreciated.
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