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GhostDetector polycounter lvl 9
Finished Entry:

Entry 2:

Latest update:
Just need to finish texturing.

Suggestions for Handplane baker:

  • Rezise window (If i remember correctly previous versions allowed this
  • Scroll with mouse wheel.
  • Cavity map has no help info despite having a "?" box
Models Tab
  • Drag and drop meshes onto projection group would be easier to deal with a large number of meshes 
  • Hide projection groups.
  • Move project groups for a specific order
  • Toggle to turn cage on/off
  • Toggle meshes on and off.
Output Tab
  • Baking presets maybe like a quick bake option for testing)
  • Cancel bake
  • Bake error "No high models specified for projection group X"  should either use the name of projection group or add numbers to each projection group in the "Models" tab.
  • Add, bake wireframe.
  • Floater edges being baked onto cavity map
Settings Tab
  • Force global smooth for high poly
  • Set a default ray offset per project or have projection groups
  • Better color picker (maybe be able to sample color on screen, between applications
Things I liked about Handplane Baker
  • Fast Bakes
  • Ability to assign materials to high poly objects and bake material ID map off of it.
  • Small application
  • Projection groups 


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