[UE4] Environment Neon Murder WIP

LATEST update at the bottom.

Hello Polycount,

I have been working on this scene mostly after work and I am at a stage where any feedback and critique would greatly help. I wanted to have bolder color choices and focus on something simple. Basically, somebody got assassinated while he was peAing, I know, it sucks.

Currently, on my to do list:

a. working on some detail props to fill up the scene with bits like paper, cups, bottles and stuff. 
b. Lighting tweaks and overall color balance.
c. better story telling.
d. add a bit more interest on the ledt side of the scene. probably with a wooden wall shelf with some cups and cocktail glass or something.
e. work on the sign/ chnage the font. Any ideas?

This is my primary shot

This is the second one:

Some prop renders:



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