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How to submit your final piece

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There are just 9 days left until you must have your entries in! The deadline is December 9th! Remember to adhere to the rules to ensure your final entry is accepted! 

I have seen a ton of great WIPs so far. Way to go! Make sure you have 4 in your thread before the deadline. Reference images do count, but only as one WIP post.

Submission of your final entry is very simple. Simply post it in your thread, making sure it is 1920x1080. You can do portrait (1080x1920), however, it will be cropped to fit the horizontal ratio for display in the gallery thumbnail page. The original image will be shown as intended though on it's own page. Then after you have posted, change the "WIP" in your thread to "FINAL". That will let us know who is actually done. If you have any questions please email me! [email protected]

Now the end is up to you! With the goal line so close, all you have to do is finish! Good Luck! See you on the other side!



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