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FINAL-Superdroso- character

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superdroso polycounter lvl 2
So, the countdown has begun :)


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    superdroso polycounter lvl 2

    Hi everybody !
    You'll find above my final participation for the contest.
    I hope you'll enjoy the scene. My inspiration comes in many ways  from artist like Leyendecker, Klimt to movies like "Speedracer", "blade runner", "Metropolis" and "super8".

    A brief of Story :
    "David woke up and encountered the "Stranger". Standing in front of him.
    The "Stranger", as he loved to be call later, Half Golden-boy the day and Half illegal race car driver the night, get off his futuristic Monowheel, and without a word, pull off a cigarette from his golden jacket.... Past a few seconds, he stares at David, smokes his cigarette (like Humphrey Bogart did in the old "Casablanca" movie) and says :
    - "So, David, wanna take a little ride ? "
    At these words, David, know that the ride would'nt be easy."

    Bellow somes screens  (sculpt character and monowheel + moodboard) + some views

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