"The Maestros" live on Steam Greenlight: Arena RTS where Prussian Diesel meets Gauche Mad Biologists

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Hey Polycount!

Really happy to announce the game Systence Games, and I previously worked on as an Art Director in 2013-2014 while at USC, has gone live on Steam Greenlight!

A large number of Polycounters contibuted to the success of this game since 2013 in their free time!  Michael Cabezas, Patrick Hillstead, Michael Kulrich, Anh Dang, and so many others that make up the team.  Everyone's been working on this on rev-share, and we're finally achieving our goal of shipping ever since we began working on the prototype for this at USC.

If you want to see what an aggressively paced, but reactive, RTS could be, we'd love to have your upvote on Steam Greenlight!



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