Maya 2016 SP6: Extremely slow in importing large meshes

quad damage
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Brian "Panda" Choi quad damage
My Maya 2016 Edu license has somehow borked itself this week.

What used to be:
1) Loading models of 1 million tris+ into Maya would take a bit to load, but would load in fine with a tiny bit of chug in the viewport.

What is happening now:
1) Load model of 1 million + tris into Maya
>> Maya freezes (or just takes too long) loading in the model.

In general, everything either has seemingly slowed down or frozen.

CryMayaTool exists on my Maya, but I think I somewhat properly uninstalled it.  Removed the environment variables, etc. but the Control Panel still pops up.

Reinstalled Maya.

Repair installed Maya.

Patched with Service Pack 5 from Autodesk.

Deleted User Preference.

Does anyone have any other advice or suggestions to pursue?


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