Old IBM Datacenter Environment Piece

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Final Shots + Fly-through:

(Unreal Engine 4) IBM 1980s St. King Datacenter

Finally decided to make a topic about it to post high-res shots. I started working on this for at least for a few months (took way longer than intended). This piece is based of the IBM datacenter in Toronto in around 1964. Found this image and decided to make this for my main portfolio piece. Was fun (and sometimes frustrating) to find reference images for each of the various machines used for this piece.

Planning to go through most of the 1400 Series machine assets and do a 2nd texture pass on them and than I will most likely call this one done. Was an overall good experience in practicing different stuff but one thing I should have probably tried here was to have a set of material layers instead of having each asset have unique textures for each of the hero assets.

Will probably post some breakdowns once I'm done with this. As always, critiques and comments are welcome.


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