improving readability in composition #01

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I just want to share some basic composition tips. I'm trying to explain how we can deliver better readability by adjusting proportions, leading line and detail distribution.

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Apply a bright value on the background to create a sense of depth between the foreground and the background

Avoid horizontal blocking structure such as cascade or stairs along the leading line. Try to make a clear leading line to emphasize the traveling path.

leading line is emphasized as if the position of the character and destination is far a parted. 

Make some areas broad and empty to create a contrast with intense detail in small area

Longer leading line between character and destination helps the viewer's eye stay in the picture. Tone down the strong cast shadow on the ground support lead the clear traveling path.

Place the character in 70 to 30 helps make longer traveling path

Having horizontal bright value in background makes a simple visual order in  chaos and  value contrast.

Add a big object on the left side to make a balanced visual


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