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Didn't think I would have time to participate, but I'm gonna try to throw together an idea I had for this, especially since the Character Creater does a lot of the early heavy lifting, so I can focus on the design and clothes. 
My idea is a space mechanic, but I'm basing her suit design on a style of Indian dress, called a kurti. 

I'm making the kurti part of the suit slip over the air-tight body suit, which connects to the wrists and ankles at "bangle" locks. The air hose will also drape kind of  like the duputta scarf across the front of the chest/throat.
Space suits:

My sketches blending the two styles:
Character in CC, early Maya adjustments and Zbrush sculpts.  

Really like how this is coming along, its fun to focus on the character design and clothes. :) 


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