Substance Painter Crash

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Hi Polycount!

I created a Substance project in 1.7.3. I then had to use another PC, and moved my file to that PC, except that PC uses Substance Painter 2. Upon opening the scene, my entire PC will freeze, and it's pot luck whether I'll be able to do anything in the scene or have to hard reset my PC.

I've updated my GPU to the latest drivers, updated Substance, and tried to change a setting in the NVIDIA 3D settings (can't remember exactly what it was now) as suggested elsewhere, but to no avail. This file only works properly on the first PC.

When the file actually does open without crashing the PC, it will be very slow and sometimes there will be a few seconds where I see what I can only describe as a large blue smudge across the viewport. It will flicker occasionally, on and off. 

It's odd as I haven't had this issue before, although this is the first time I have tried transferring a file between different versions of Substance.

PC specs:

Processor: i7 920

Memory:  6GB
Storage:  1 TB
Graphics:  Nividia GTX 460
Operating System: Window 7 Ultimate

Any advice would be greatly appreciated for sure! Been tearing my hair out over this :(



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