Zbrush - custom UI: copying subtool list and layer list?

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Cremuss polycounter lvl 8
Hey! I've been toying with custom UI in Zbrush for a while and I've been wondering for some time if it's possible to copy the subtool list or layer list into a custom subpalette? I'd love to stop using the awful tool menu. There's just too much buttons and palettes and subpalettes and a tons of features I never use but for that I'd need the subtool palette and layers. Using the N key doesn't satisfy me.

Pretty much like here: http://polycount.com/discussion/129482/zbrush-custom-ui-copying-sub-palettes

I googled a lot and I couldn't find a proper answer. Maybe there is a way to copy the master menu Tool into a custom menu and remove what I don't want ? I also tried to open some UI .cfg files hoping it was plain text so I could copy some parts but it's not.

Any ideas?:)
Thanks a lot!


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