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Star Wars Droid

Nano Pixel
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Nano Pixel polycounter lvl 6
Hello everyone, earlier this year I worked on making an Astro Droid fro Star Wars. It was done ,

1- because I have always wanted to work on a Star Wars related project, and

2 - I was looking into how to use Quixel DDO.

I had used NDO a lot for previous projects, and had bought the Quixel suite, so i thought it was time to try DDO. This droid is the first thing to come out of my time spent using the software.

I plan on adding this to a scene set either on Tatooine or Jaku. It will be near a scrap heap, that will consist of iconic Star Wars pieces from vehicles and armour. Hopefully from this, along with other projects im currently finishing off, i will have enough props to provide a detailed breakdown of my workflow, and it will give me some interesting portfolio pieces.


  • Nathan3D
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    Nathan3D polycounter lvl 6
    Not bad man, the hoses at the feet look untouched but dirt and what not. Also when displaying a wire frame in unreal you should look into a wire frame material rather than the wire frame view. Looking good though :) 
  • Nano Pixel
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    Nano Pixel polycounter lvl 6
    Yeah, im currently revisiting this and fixing some areas, the hoses being number 1 on that list. And as for the wire frame, it was done for the quickest, when I update the textures and mesh I will do a proper wireframe render.

    Im hoping to start getting the base scene in place next so should have some updates on that in the coming weeks. Feedback on that as i go will be appreciated.
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