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2D Technical Vector & Traditional Logo Designer

Hello Polycount. I'm a new transplant from the CS:GO skin competition, and I've got to say I'm glad to be here! There are some truly wonderful artists here!

That said, I'd like to offer my services to anyone who needs them. I currently work for a small screenprinting company, and in my regular duties, I design, redraw, and reimagine vector logos for companies, groups, and individuals to be imprinted on wearables (TShirts, Hoodies, Bags, etc...). On top of these duties, I regularly create technical designs for laser engraving systems. I am also willing to consult with fellow artists, or customers who wish to get a second opinion on a design, project, idea, or portfolio.

I use Illustrator to create my work, but have experience in converting between .ai and Corel's .cdr formats. I'm also capable of using Photoshop, though I'm much, much more experienced with vector formats.

I only mention the silkscreening to highlight the fact that I am a production ready artist, and have actual workplace experience in creating properly built and layered technical artwork (and fixing artwork that isn't so properly built  :p) that is ready for merchandising purposes, and doing so within a deadline.

I'm very passionate about creating solid, technically sound designs, and creating them in a timely manner. I appreciate a customer who knows what they want, but I appreciate a customer that is open to suggestion even more. I understand how critical a logo is to the branding of a company, and am willing to go the extra mile to help you get the best brand you can!

I have little to show outside of my workplace, though I'll be asking clients and my superiors for permission to use my work as a portfolio here, so keep an eye out for updates to this post!

While I'm primarily looking for full-time, part-time, or freelance work; I'm open to discussion of unpaid works, so long as the project interests me.

Prices are to be discussed on a per-job basis, or if you're offering salaried/part-time/full-time work, I simply ask for a reasonable living wage. I offer my work at a fair price, and dislike haggling, but am open to reasonable negotiation.

Thank you for viewing my post!


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