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Aliikai null
I don't really know what I am doing here, I just wanted to do this for fun. I really like using Photoshop but other than one time two weeks ago (when I made a test skin of a pink tartan design that has had 15 out of 26 dislikes...) I have never played around with the 3D parts of it before so I had to try and work stuff out before I could do anything. 

I saw a couple of cool looking dinosaur type creatures while I was googling the 70s/80s Sci-fi. (I am a little disappointed that the decades couldn't include the 50s because that is my favourite...) anyhow...My design is a little simple but like I said...don't really know what I am doing....


Kind of feel a little silly uploading a WIP on the last day of the competition but since I work 3 jobs I didn't really have time before now. :(

I noticed a lot of the skins that I have seen have been space ship themed and I saw a very cool looking AK47 that was influenced by R2D2 so I thought I would go creature instead, lacking the skills to be able to do anything super awesome like everyone else's in such a short time frame I went with something a little more simple...this dinosaur skin kind of pattern.

Visit my workshop page http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=693471342 

Thanks :)

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