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The Courtyard – An Enlighten Lighting Contest

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The Courtyard – An Enlighten Lighting Contest

Harness the power of Enlighten in Unity 5 and use your creative spark to dazzle us with an emotional journey conveyed through light! Be it inspiring, romantic, eerie, apocalyptic or dramatic, express your brilliance and show us what you can do with the power of light.

Light is yours to wield in The Courtyard scene, what is your take on it?

Welcome to the Enlighten Lighting Contest!

The Rules:

The contest runs from June 2nd to August 2nd at 11:59PM PST. Contestants will be able to use Enlighten dynamic global illumination by downloading Unity 5. The Courtyard scene and assets can be downloaded for free from the Unity Asset Store. You can also download the ARM® Guide to Unity Developers (chapter 5) for extra info on how to use Enlighten.

  • Contestants should submit three to six still images that communicate an emotional journey through the supplied game level by working with elements such as light patterns, cameras, composition, light, shadow and post processing.

  • Contestants are expected to compose the shots using cameras with particular attention to lighting, composition, tonality and contrast.

  • Contestants have complete freedom over lighting including the fixtures in the model, post-processing, cameras and where other props are positioned.  

  • Contestants are also allowed to change textures and material properties however; they are not allowed to reposition any part of the larger structural environment assets such as walls, ceilings, doors etc.

  • Contestants must not bake the final lighting in the scene.

  • As a part of the submission we expect entrants to include a description (short paragraph or colour scripts/mood boards) detailing what mood and atmosphere they're working towards in the supplied images.

  • The final rendered image must be captured in Unity 5 (1920x1080 PNG image).

Creating a WIP thread in the appropriate forum  and updating the thread regularly is highly encouraged!

If you have any questions about the contest, its rules or anything related, please head over to the Q&A thread.


Our top-class jury will judge the entries following these main criteria:

  • Quality of lighting (Use of direct & indirect light, shadowing etc.)

  • Art style(s) (Concept art, art direction, description of images etc.)

  • Compositional strength (Use of colour, contrast etc.)

  • Originality

The Jury

  • Sam Budgen, Technical Artist – Geomerics

  • Ivan Pedersen, Technical Artist – Geomerics

  • Kuba Cupisz, Graphics Programmer – Unity Technologies

  • Alex Lovett, Creative Director – Shadowood Productions Ltd / Unity Lighting Wrangler

  • Bondhan Kimbalazani, Senior Environment Artist, ARM


  • Grand Winner

    • Chillblast Helix 3 17" Ultra Slim Gaming Laptop

    • 12 Months Unity Pro Subscription

  • 2nd  place

    • GTX980 Graphics Card

    • 12 Months Unity Pro Subscription

  • 3rd  Place

    • Intuos Pro Graphics Tablet

    • 12 Months Unity Pro Subscription

  • 4th – 5th Place

    • Kindle Fire tablet


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