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PC-CSGO | M4A4 - Low-Fi (was named the Personal Computer before)

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SjiZzZLe polycounter lvl 2
Hey guys,

I decided to make a skins based on the 1980's PC's and low tech electronics.
Think of the Aliens movie's for instance.
They used a Lo Fi Sci-Fi future setting wich still looked pretty damn 80's (example below)

We often think of the 80's as a neon rollercoaster wich is the obvious choice in my eyes (its not a bad thing ofcourse).
But if you look at the products (like PC's, and allot other electronics) and how they envisioned the future, space ships with CRT screens and big clunky keyboards. This is called Low-Fi and something like the movie Aliens takes place in a Low-Fi Sci-Fi universe wich i am using for this M4A4 skin.

I will try to make the skin the most appealing from the first person view wich is the most important i think.
It is a Classified skin so it wil not be super flashy but still nice to look at.

Example: The Alien universe.

Example: A computer used in the 1980's

And i want to give the skin a gadgety feel.

This is the first WIP of the skin:


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