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[NEW!] Introducing Amplify Occlusion – Industry Level SSAO for Unity

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Amplify Occlusion offers an efficient way to simulate realistic shadowing around objects, it can even account for light occlusion allowing for non-uniform shadows providing additional depth to scenes. Our solution sets out to offer the best of two worlds, it takes the best out of fast performing SSAO, the accurate and flexible results provided by approximate obscurance-based techniques and combines it into a all-in-one flexible Unity package. It’s a robust and lightweight image effect for both consoles and desktops that will continue to be improved with new techniques and optimizations, you wont need to purchase another AO solution any time soon.


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Standard occlusion does not account for directly lit surfaces resulting in abnormal occlusion on bright areas. Our solution offers an optional Deferred-path application method that injects SSAO before the direct lighting stage in order to deliver natural and PBR-accurate results. Compared to other solutions, it offers massive quality improvements to occlusion on distant surfaces, even when using a large kernel radius, due to superior and artifact-free occlusion approximation.

  • Robust high-quality SSAO solution
  • Accurate and fast-performing
  • Deferred and Forward Rendering
  • Deferred-path PBR compatible injection mode
  • Superior occlusion approximation
  • Stable and scalable
  • Extensive blur and intensity controls
  • Full Source Code
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