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It's been tough pinning an idea down but I think I've got something I like. I'm taking a page from Norse mythology for this contest and decided to play with the concept of what a berserker is, and maybe put a more literal spin on it than history does. Hope you all enjoy  :)


In an attempt to take her husband's place in battle, Toril made off with herbs from the druids that were said to give anyone who consumed them immense strength. Taking the herbs one night before the fighting, she woke her husband who found Toril transformed into a beastly form raging about their home. Catching site of him, she lunged and tore her husband apart. Returning to her natural self, she eventually came to her senses only to realized what she had done. Fangs began to grow as she became mad with grief, and transformed once more.  

Here are some of my reference images. I decided to sculpt blind on this one after finding a ton of inspirational imagery online.

Here is what I've managed to complete so far over the weekend. It's still very rough and I'm not quite happy with the proportions but I wanted to start roughing in some of her outfit at least so I could focus on the theme.


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