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I've been working on this thing on and off for the last year and a half. It started with me making the cat clock because I wanted to get better at the highpoly > lowpoly workflow and needed to test how adaptable PBR (which was pretty mysterious at the time) is to stylized textures.

I love the art of Wildstar, housing especially, so I started modeling stuff off concept sheets and just...never stopped. Now I'm looking for ways can to improve what I have now. I'd like to polish this thing up as good as I can for GDC, so I'm grateful for suggestions of relatively easy things to change.

I'm looking at the composition of the scene right now. There are some floating bits to fix and I think the objects could be grouped together better. The floor also never did get proper roughness or AO maps so I'd like to address that.

There's a sketchfab folder with the rest of the props here.



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