The Beast - Atlantian Beauty(Leslievdb)

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As Royal guard of Atlantis Mezos fell in love with Neptune`s daughter Aziri.
Since Mezos was not from royal descent this love was forbidden.
When Neptune discovered of this in his eyes deceitful act he ordered Mezos to be executed.
The night before the execution Aziri tricked the guards guarding his cell, released Mezos and they both fled the kingdom.

After wandering the ocean trying to hide from the searchparty looking for them they landed at the door of an evil seawitch that knew Aziri was Neptunes daughter and she was out for revenge on Neptune who banished her years ago.
She promised the couple that she could unite them forever.
Desperate with no way out they agreed upon the seawitches offer and she transformed them into a monstrosity with only mezos being able to communicate and Aziri having to speak trough him telepathically.
The only way to break the spell was for neptune to accept the love between his daughter and Mezos but from the moment the newly formed monstrosity showed its being it was doomed to be hunted and killed not even giving its time to explain what had happened.
Despite being bound together forever they still couldn't return home, living in the shadows longing for the day they could be normal and together again.

got a marmoset viewer file up her for those interested
, might add sketchfab lateron


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