The Beast - A Character Art Contest

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Welcome to The Beast Character Art Contest!  

In any adaptation of this universal theme, between the Beauty and the Beast, the Beast has always been the most fascinating character. He is a freak of nature, a monster, an anomaly who doesn’t belong in the world he lives in. But as strong and scary as he may look on the outside, the Beast’s repulsing appearance hides a fatal weakness. Because the Beast loves Beauty, and his love will invariably cause his undoing.

From Cocteau to Disney, from Boris Karloff to Johnny Depp or Andy Serkis, from Half Life 2's Dog to Bioshock's Big Daddy, the Beast has been portrayed hundreds of times in hundreds of different ways. Now what’s your take on this legendary creature?

We have put together a quick Pinterest Inspiration Board to give your imagination a kickstart!

The contest runs from January 28th to April 17th at 11:59PM PST (extended deadline). As usual, since Allegorithmic is organizing this contest, participating artists can request an extended trial of the Substance tools for the duration of the contest, just send us a message. There is no tool restriction, although it will warm our hearts if you use Substance for your texturing!

Creating a WIP thread in the appropriate forum is mandatory and updating the thread regularly is very encouraged!

If you have any questions about the contest, its rules or anything releated, please head over to the Q&A thread.

Now for the rules in details: 

Your Beast is a single character who can optionally be put in context on a pedestal.


  • 100 000 triangles maximum.

  • 4 x 4096 texture sets maximum (can be split further: 1 x 4096 = 4 x 2048, etc.)

  • These limits include any effect or accessory associated with the character.

  • Any type of style and shading can be used (PBR, Diffuse only, stylized, photo-realistic, etc.)

  • What defines a “character” is left to your appreciation. An inanimate object could be considered a character in the right context and with the right storytelling...


  • Must not be wider than 2x the Beast itself.

  • Must not contain any additional character (small creatures allowed for decoration purpose)

  • 5000 triangles maximum.

  • One 2048 texture set.

  • These limits include any effect associated with the pedestal.


  • 1 short backstory paragraph (100 words maximum)

  • 2 beauty shots: a full frame shot and a closeup.

    • Beauty shots can be rendered in any real time or offline renderer.

  • 1 full frame wire shot

  • choice of 1 or 2 texture sheets

A jury made of the industry’s best character artists will judge the entries following these main criteria:

  • Artistic Quality - Originality, attention to details, colors, rendering, all of these matter.

  • Technical Mastery - Edge flow, efficient UVs, all the boring stuff that makes an asset great!

  • Beast personality - Scary but moving at the same time, here lies the subtlety of the character.

Colin Thomas, Senior Character Artist - Naughty Dog

Rich Diamant, Principal Artist - Riot Games

Samuel Compain, Character Artist - Freelance

JB Ferder, Lead Character Artist - Arkane

Gilberto Magno, Character Artist - Freelance

  • Grand Winner

    • IPad Pro /w stylus or Surface Pro 4

    • Marvelous Designer License or ZBrush license

    • Lifetime Substance Live Pro license

    • Marvelous Designer Garment file from

    • Marvelous Designer training program from ($399)

  • 2nd place

    • NVidia Quadro or GTX980

    • Marvelous Designer License or ZBrush license

    • Lifetime Substance Live Pro license

    • Marvelous Designer Garment file from

    • Marvelous Designer Clothing Patterns & Presets MEGA Pack from ($197)

  • 3rd Place

    • Marvelous Designer License or ZBrush license

    • Lifetime Substance Live Pro license

    • Marvelous Designer Garment file from

  • 4th to 10th Place

    • Lifetime Substance Live Indie license


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