[UE4] Rooftop Offices - mini-environment for a gumroad tutorial

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Hey guys!

I've been meaning to make a gumroad tutorial pack for quite a while now and the time has finally come.

My plan is not necessarily to make a how-to tutorial, teaching you how to use Maya or Unreal (there are better people out there to do that than me), but instead I want to show my complete workflow for creating modular environments quickly and how to develop a vision for an environment. I think that's a more valuable thing I can share at this point.

I started this environment with no clear idea in mind, got a few shapes down and now I'm increasingly fleshing out the parts as I go. My process for this has been akin to a speed painting, I made a few shapes in the beginning and tried to see what I could extract out of them, each day fleshing the idea out a bit more. It started as a warehouse and ended up as a rooftop office lol

This mini-environment has been a really fun challenge for several reasons. First I can't noodle too much (something I've been a victim of in the past) because I want to keep this short and straight to the point, and second I have to trust my instincts and hope that everything will come together in the end.

Since the environment is starting to look like something, I thought it was a nice idea to start posting WIPs here too (i've been posting WIPs on my twitter account if you want to follow there too). My plan is to be done with this very soon to keep the tutorial manageable in size, so if there are any specific situations you want me to tackle on this post it here and I'll do my best to accommodate :)

So far I've got about 8 hours of video time, including the creating of brushes (everything was made from scratch) and planning stages.

A lot of the assets you see here are in early blockout stage btw, and will be fleshed out soon.



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