[UE4] Industrial Space Station Corridor

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Hi everybody !

Here's my latest progress on my space station project. The design of the space station itself is suppose to suggest that it have been mass produced to colonized space. To reinforce this idea, I have made every elements of the corridor heavly modular and visually functionnal. Right now the flat panel can be pulled off to show the technical parts behind them. In the same way the barriers and the floor can switch to "zero gravity mode" when required by cutting it self in half and rotate to stick to the floor.

My objective right now is to produce only one nicely polished corridor and maybe later create some more rooms connected with each others with this corridor set. The door on the left is of course "work in progress" (yes I'm gonna remove that barrier), if you do have any feedback about this specific part that would be really nice ! I still need to expand this corridor in the back with some more tech modules, and also add some extra elements on top of the generic pannels. I'm also planning to create some decals like a logo for this space station and this kind of stuff.

C&C are welcome !


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