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Fr0z3nR null
Hi everyone!

My name is Fr0z3nR, I'm a level/game designer, community TF2 Map maker and a Sr. Staff member at TF2Maps.net. Rogue13 gave me the go ahead to share an event that we at TF2Maps.net are trying with the TF2 Creative community, something we're calling the 72hr TFJam.

It's relatively straight forward and simple. Starting at 6PM GMT on Jan 29th, everyone has 72 hours to make whatever the heck they want, as long as it relates to TF2! No competition, no prizes for coming in first or second, just good ol' makin' stuff. We haven't even started and we already have people planning to make crazy hats for TF2, write weird fanfic about sniper and scout, even some people who might try and make a multi-minute length SFM. Really, there is no limitation* to what you're allowed to do as long as it relates to TF2.

(the tl;dr)
For more info/discussion/'rules' about the TFJam, you can check out our thread over at TF2Maps.net, or you can watch this video by Crash.

Hope to see some of you in a few weeks, and I CAN NOT wait to see what stuff people make. 

*TF2 is still consider a 'young-person' game so keep it clean, at least. :p


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