" The Neko Stop-Off" Diorama by Desmond Man

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Hello Polycounters,

So I've been opening a multiple of projects recently... one being my Sci-fi PBR Grenade which you can find here.
which is still currently in development... I'm actually doing these both as side projects during my down time at work and switch between the two depending on what my mood is feeling at the time since going from PBR to flat diffuse hand painting are two different skills and vibes :)

and an old environment that I will likely come back to soon after which is here...

Anyhoo, Here's a start to a project I've previously been doing with the spare minutes to hour at the end of my lunches at work... it's a collective of a month or so of that spare time and I'll be continuing with that time schedule for the time being. This will be an unlit diffuse model with directional lighting faked or painted in, this is currently just a viewport sccreenshot from 3ds max with a little bit of gesture lighting/realistic shading turned on.

The original concept pixel art work I have no idea who the artist is so if anyone knows please refer me to them (Y) but I came across this cute little image on pinterest and I started on it quite quickly haha.

All C&C Welcome :)

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