" Neko Stop-Off " Diorama by Desmond Man

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Hello Polycounters,

This is a project I've been working on with my spare time during my lunch hours at work. It's a collective of that time over the space of probably 2-3 months, yes yes.. this is a very slow on going project haha... but I've also been using some of my spare time to build a PBR Futuristic Grenade which you can find here...

Anyhoo, this will be an unlit model with hand painted lighting/faked alpha lighting and final render will be in marmoset or just viewport screenshots... it's all the same really.

This original pixel art image concept was found on pinterest but I have absolutely no idea who made it... it's cute, I love it... and whoever knows who the artist is please let me know. Thanks!

C&C Very Welcome

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