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Rise of the Tomb Raider - Art dump

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Hey Polycount! I finally got around to organizing my art work from Rise of the Tomb Raider and wanted to share it with you guys. This is my first shipped title and I learned a ton while working on the game. Everything posted here deserves many thanks to the great art team at Crystal Dynamics.

Lara's Apartment, Main Menu Version: I was responsible for almost all aspects of this scene with help from Bren Adams for art direction and lighting.

Lara's Apartment Cinematic version: Lighting for these scene was done by Eidos Montreal's cinematic team.

Intro Cinematic: I was responsible for background terrain, foreground terrain, and set dressing of this cinematic.

Intro Cinematic: Far background mountain is a matte painting by the concept team.

Lord Croft's Office: Responsible for almost all aspects of this scene. Worked closely with Aubrey Pullman who did an amazing job with the lighting.

Lord Croft's Office

Lord Croft's Office 2nd Variant


I was responsible for the final quality, lighting, and materials of all the collectible relics in the game. Models were outsourced, and materials were redone by me using our tileable texture library. These are a few samples of my favorites.

Tileable Materials:


Mountain for intro cinematic done in World Machine.

Thanks for checking it out :smiley:


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