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Why does my imported Fbx look like it hasn't been smoothed?

So I'm making a scene in Unreal but this one import is giving me a lot of trouble, It looks like this in the engine:

As you can see the topology is very clear even through the material. When it's supposed to look like this (substance designer)

I'm unsure what I'm doing wrong since I was able to import every other mesh in the scene without much trouble, the only difference I can think of between this mesh and all the others in the scene is that I used decimation master in z-brush on this mesh while the other ones I just z remeshed. 

either way here's Mayas fbx export settings I used, also the history of the object was cleared and the edges were all softened:

Ive also posted on the UE4 answers hub but I'd thought I should ask here too. Any help or suggestions are appreciated!


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