Trouble animating through 3d space

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LeeMeredith polycounter lvl 5
Hello, I've spent the majority of my time learning to do cycles but now I have to animate a scene of a character walking and running. I can not wrap my head around how to plan out the run so it translates through the world.

I've tried blocking in the entire run and walk in stepped mode, I converted to spline and the walk was fine after clean up but the run had issues with it going backwards and forwards at random times, I checked the Y curve (3ds max) and it was full of keys at different heights, deleting them to get a linear movement completely destroyed the foot placements.

I'm at a complete loss how to do this, I've tried finding tutorials but all I can find is info about cycles but I need to do an actual scene of running from A to B with actions in-between so I cant just cycle it.

Any help such as a video tutorial or your own advice would be greatly appreciated.



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