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Trouble with Normals in Toolbag

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Green Pirate64 polycounter lvl 9
Hey everyone,

I wasn't sure where to post this and have been having problems finding a fix for my issue so sorry if this is the wrong place. Basically I've been testing some normal bakes from substance painter and xNormal to preview them in Toolbag and see the results. While doing this I ran into a issues and with minimal experience in Toolbag and am unsure if I am doing anything wrong.

In the attached pictures I have the substance Painter and xNormal bake side by side. Both were baked with hard edges taken into account and UV islands split where necessary. The mesh was built in 3DS Max, and while the maps were baked in separate programs I am still forced to set the Tangent Space on the objects to 3DS Max instead of xNormal or the default for the best results even though Toolbag says otherwise to achieve the best results. 


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