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Mecanim questions, clips not updating

polycounter lvl 15
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Frankie polycounter lvl 15
I'm trying to use mecanim and the generic animation setting to import animations. The problem is I seem to easily break something and the animation clips on the asset refuse to update, that is they no longer change the previously imported clips start/end frames and it wont automatically add new clips. I can fix and add these manually but it's not ideal.

If I delete the asset and re-import again it fixes it and updates the animation but my links to the mecanim state machine are broken as well as any anim specific flags such as looping. I was also wondering about the workflow for adding and removing bones from the rig halfway though animating and without breaking everything.

Has anyone got any insights into the workflow I should be aiming for?

I'm using blender, currently saving multiple animations in one FBX. 
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