Portal Gun Remake

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Kaine123 polycounter lvl 7
Hey folks! I'm working on remaking the portal gun from Portal 2. Here's some work in progress shots. I'm at the stage of exploding the mesh for the bake right now.

The mesh is at about 12.4k tris at the moment. 

Here's the hipoly

I'll be doing my materials mostly in Quixel with some touch up work after in Photoshop. Agh I can't wait for Suite 2.0!!

Tell me what you think! 


  • Kaine123
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    Kaine123 polycounter lvl 7

    here's a work in progress shot of the materials, any crits? 
  • Limewax
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    Limewax polycounter lvl 6
    Pretty solid bake you got from your high to low. So far its looking alright, but there really isn't enough to critique at this point. I think its missing some key features like the emissive bits that really push it to the next level.

    One other design thing I wanted to mention, while its great that you're making "the portal gun", you should keep in mind that you are doing just that... making the portal gun. You're basically doing a retexturing to an already existing idea... but for the most part, you aren't really putting your own spin on this, which in some sense kinda hurts your overall direction for it being a memorable and unique piece. As it stands now, I dont think there's much to be said for the creativity aspect in terms of unique design.

    I hope this note finds you well, as I'm not trying to be offensive but rather call attention to the seemingly obvious. Best of luck!
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