Weird issue with normal map.

Hi everyone. 
This is the first time I am having a weird issue when baking a normal map (well, with the result of baking, I mean) and I am going crazy trying to figure out what can be causing it. 
Here is an image so I can explain myself better.
The problem is that the inner edge of the polygons are making "artifacts" in the low poly that are being baked in the normal map too (I don´t even know how to explain this).
The whole low poly model has one smoothing group only. Does it have anything to do with the problem?
How can I avoid that weird behavoiur of the shader in the low poly? This is the first time that the inner edges of a low poly are so noticeable (for me, at least). 
I would thank any help a lot!!
BTW: Can someone explain me how to deal with smoothing groups for baking? What's the exact rule? I read you should have a hard edge in every seam in the uvs, I also read that for better results you should have just a smoothing group for the whole model... I don't know what's the exact rule for this.

Thanks a lot in advance. 


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