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Article - Developers Hiring People From Unity Asset Store


Rebel Galaxy isn’t actually a Unity game -- it’s built on a heavily modified version of the open-source Ogre3D engine that also underpins Torchlight. But when it came time to fill the game with art assets, Baldree and Schaefer didn’t try to do it themselves or contract with an art house to find suitable artists -- they just started cruising the Unity Asset Store for talent.

“It’s filled with people who can ship game-usable assets, so you know they aren’t just making portfolio pieces that aren’t usable. You can actually pay to download the assets they make, look at the construction of the mesh, and see if you want to work with them,” Baldree tells me. “The guy who did all our spaceships, I got him that way. He was awesome, I loved working with him, and I never would have found him otherwise.”

I've had similar experiences of being contacted by indie developers through the Asset Store.   Making stuff for asset stores is the best way to build a portfolio, prove you can do the work independently and get paid to do it.  I recommend it to everyone.

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