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The Duel

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Hello everyone!
I've recently started my 2nd year's group project and I'm looking for the some advice/critics :)
This time I'll be doing the modelling of both the hero and the dragon.
So, the basic idea is : Our hero is hunting a dragon. Not for fame , not for money and definitely not to help anybody.He just seems to enjoy it.
This time he is hunting a dragon living in a cold toundra like environment and that's where the short trailer begins!
It's basically gonna look like a game trailer with the main character going towards the dragon with some epic music playing and when he is ready to land the first strike the trailer is over. The video will be about 40 sec.

Here's some of the basic concept (it might still change a little) and some of my progress on the main character's body.

EDIT: Here is the final video! it's far from perfect but I'm happy we were able to finish it on time :)
Looking forward to hear your opinions!


I'm not gonna follow the concept 100% since we are aiming to a more realistic character but I will stay in that style,same armor , main characteristics.

Again, looking forward to hear your comments!
Thanks :)


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