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Learning Resources and Career Opportunity with Modo and 3D Coat?

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 Hey folks,

After dabbling with both 3D and 2D I decided to stick with 3D since I realized that I am not a good storyteller, hence not a good graphic novel artist.

My choice of learning 3D is...well, Modo and 3D Coat. I am trying to concentrate on modeling and texturing, with a bit of rigging for posing my creations. OK, I think I can handle some rudimentary modeling skills. But I am not sure where to head after that. To me, Modo has the easiest UI but the most scarce learning resources. 

To make it more specific, I want to concentrate on modeling hard surface designs. Yeah, one reason why I chose Modo is that it's designer friendly. I draw a lot of robots and mechs so that's where I want to head.

And as for 3D Coat...well, honestly Zbrush UI is just hideously alien to me. Well, I managed to get through simple navigating but my feeble brain can't process which brush to use for the right job. And I heard that some concept designers prefer 3D Coat over Zbrush and that's why I am gearing toward it. 

I know that concept design and visual development fields are pretty much saturated with workforce, but learning 3D can be a good headstart over others I think. I do have my useless degree from a state university and sometimes the potential employer looks into it since it's a sign that you are a kind of person who can go with the program. 

And...one more thing. If I had sufficient skills with Modo and 3D Coat (with Substance Painter for texturing), how is my career prospect? I am afraid that there won't be much positive response from this....


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    lotet hero character
    well honestly I think you answered most of your questions yourself. as for tutorials for modo there are not that many for free. but there are some great tutorials on the foundry.  I would really recommended digital tutors though, they have a lot of great Modo and 3D coat tutorials and the subscription there is def worth it for a month or two to learn a program.

    as for your career I dont really see how thats relevant, most box modeling programs are somewhat alike, so if you know one of them you can learn another one without much trouble. and if your freelancing nobody really cares what tools you use, as long as you can deliver a quality product. 

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    Knowing how to make a good model is a universal knowledge. Once you have it, you can apply it in any software. Coming up with kick ass models that demonstrate your modeling skill should be your top most concern.

    Go watch Peter Stammbach on Youtube and start doing his mini tutorials from the oldest one. It will teach you a lot, not only Modo basic, but good practices for modeling hard surface, too.

    And to get you inspired, there's Vaughan Ling and Tor Frick who are world class hard surface modelers using Modo.

    Vaughan - http://www.heavypoly.com/
    Tor Frick - http://www.torfrick.com/

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