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Grotessive's sketchbook/Progress from zero

Hi, I'm new to 3D. I've tried Zbrush many times but I always end up frustrated. I paint and kind of like my 2D stuff but I want to understand the forms of the human anatomy. I want to sculpt figures.
An example of what I do in 2D http://grotessive.deviantart.com/gallery/56768499/Unfeatured-or-old or this one if you don't want to bother

I really want to learn 3D and I'm serious about this! I have a year at my parents home without having to worry about job and that stuff. I'm currently painting 5-6 hours a day so I can do the same with 3D. 

My current goal is to be able to sculpt this or pretty/cute final fantasy like characters.
I would gladly give my left arm to be able to do this.

This is what I can do right now because of what I've learnt painting/drawing.

I know, i suck. The skull is not horrible in my opinion but when it's about a face I fuck it up. 

Please help!  :/  I've got the time and the will to do this but 3D is a new world for me and I'm lost. Right now I only know about the clay build up, dam stardar and move, that's all I know about zbrush. 

I'm gonna keep posting here my progress from zero. I'm definitely making this but who knows how much time it will take.


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