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Unofficial November / December Challenge 2015

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DavidCruz interpolator
Unofficial Challenge for November and December Christmas Theme with a few twists:

Mix and/or Match other holidays/times in history into the Christmas theme (if you wish). Though christmas is the main focus (make sure we can see xmas represented in your designs).

Examples: Make your favorite character in a santa suit, anything but it has to be mainly xmas themed. Make Anything into a Christmas theme: Halloween, Valentines day, verterans day, Thanks Giving, whatever.

What do I mean? Example Theme A thanksgiving turkey running away from the plate wrapped in xmas paper as a gift, with the bows covering his nips for xmas while wearing a stocking and using it as a hat, or cod piece, anything. :)
A Dinosaur Santa Clause Raindeer, anything.!.!.! Make It Fun, Make it something you would love to make!


If it is something you do all the time so be it, want to challenge yourself, change it up and learn something new.
Give a gift to yourself and take time to do whatever it is you love to do. Miss hand painted work - make that, love props - make that.

Can be ultra low poly / ultra high poly, NO limitations on anything. This is a fun unofficial challenge to get into the spirit of xmas or to just be happy, silly if you do not celebrate xmas that is fine participate and use the colors of xmas some lights something can still be made.

If your struggling with this design your doing it wrong, unless it is a challenging design for your own progression then it is fine that is expected. ;)

Go crazy, go nutz, make some fun art! I can't wait to see what the hell you all make. Rules: Controlled levels of, Gruesomeness, Sexuallity, That is it.

Will edit if need be tomorrow, good night for now hope to see some positive replies and enthusiastic artists ready to make some art! 
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