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[Alt Helmet] – Volt - Hydra

polycounter lvl 5
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Anthricus polycounter lvl 5
Hey all!

I have been concepting over the last few days with a few options for my Alt Helm!
I have 3 options below, give me your Opinions & Critiques please and help me decide!

Im probably leaning towards Option 1 at the moment :)

Option 1: The Hydra

Option 2: Cyclops

Option 3: Cranial

Look forward to hearing your critiques guys!


  • lalulingao
    I think option 1 is your best bet - the Hydra. There is already a cyclops looking one in game (Pulse Helmet). The Cranial looks good too, but the Hydra looks sick.
  • low odor
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    low odor polycounter lvl 17
    Cool stuff. I like the Hydra one as well. It's a little bit close to the  Volt Storm helm if you took it's horns off, but I'm sure once you go in and started really defining your shapes it would be unique  enough
  • Anthricus
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    Anthricus polycounter lvl 5
    thanks for the critique @lalulingao & @low odor  I really appreciate it  ( i have posted on facebook and other places too and the Hydra seems to be the definitive winner!)

    Heres my reconcept of the Hydra based on the feedback, i have tried to seperate the relation to the storm helm more so by redefining the eye section, shaping it to be similar to a cobras head and also changed the nose to be a bit more mechanical (jet engine style)

    Tell me what you think! I am gonna push forward now with 3d stuff but will be chopping and changing according to critique along the way!

  • S-ed
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    S-ed polycounter lvl 10
    Still looks similar to Storm Helm. And the horns are distinctive part of Oberon frame.
  • Anthricus
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    Anthricus polycounter lvl 5
    I have started sculpting as time is quickly running out on this one!

    I have decided to work with the Hydra helmet as i think it is the strongest of my redesign concepts.

    Please share any critique or changes that you think i should make to create a more distinctive design that isnt as reminiscent of Volts Storm helm. I am currently a bit stumped on how to change it so if you can share any pictures of things that you think would really make this stand out please share!

     I have tried to change it up a bit by chopping off the pointed chin and gone for a more stunted design that reminds me of a shark head for some reason. I am also planning on redesigning the patterning on the head slightly to further distinguish this helm from the storm helmet.

    Please let me know what you think guys !
  • jeebs
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    jeebs polycounter lvl 11
    Interesting work. I think it doesn't look like storm helm anymore, it would be better to see it from other angles though. I think it falls out a bit from warframe style, some parts should look more organic in my opinion. and also there's a lot parts that stand out, making low poly will be difficult traspering all that detail, so I think there should be some smoother areas, with some detail on surface.
  • Anthricus
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    Anthricus polycounter lvl 5

    Heres where i am for now:

    Please share any final feedback guys before i head into retopology :)

    Thanks for the critique dude, i have included a few more angles below and tried to imitate the mix of organic/hard surface with some grooves / indentations similar to warframes previous Volt helmets. I may have a gone a over the top on the lines to try and make the shapes look more organic.
    What do you think dude?

    With regards to the low poly its gonna be hard to get it within the tri limit but i will try my best and remove parts of the design / simplify if i need to!

    Cheers for all the help so far guys!

  • Anthricus
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    Anthricus polycounter lvl 5
    Retopod , textured ( not final) and in tennogen !

    Let me know what you think guys so i can change the texture about before final submission this evening!
  • BagelHero
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    BagelHero interpolator
    Being a little more generous with the polycount (especially on the horns) would be a good idea, I think! No harm in rounding them out a little. Otherwise, shaping up great!
  • DespicablCheese
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    DespicablCheese polycounter lvl 3
    Looking good! I would say that the emissive around the eyes need to be sharper so there isnt any glow baked into the textures, many of the lights on Warframes are very sharp.
  • Anthricus
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    Anthricus polycounter lvl 5
    @BagelHero @DespicablCheese Thanks for the critique guys! due to polycount i havent got much headroom to add to the horns unfortunately. i should have had more foresight at the beginning of the project and i could have avoided that!

    I have edited the textures and submitted onto Steam so im calling this done for now!
    Check it out:
    Im not 100% happy with the texture and i have rushed it more than i would have liked to.

     i will come back and polish this up when i get the chance but keep the critique coming dudes!

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