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As the title is saying, I am going to be creating characters for my portfolio in this thread. And why do I start with this now? It is because I am currently attending a polytechnic school, which means that after the second year (as I am in at the moment), we will be having a 9 months internship at a studio where-ever we can land a position. So that requires of me that I will have a portfolio by the end of April so that I can start to apply for internships all around the globe (probably sweden and Denmark most though) . 

So where am I going to start? 

I am going to be starting with a female Samurai, as after I found an amazing piece by Paul Tosca, i just really wanted to do something like this.

I have made a little collection of references that I will be using as a base, but as I want to try to create a rather nonfictional samurai. And try to match the design of what I want to do, as much as possible from real life armors, I would be super glad if anyone have a lot of good references to share for samurai armors. But here is my sprint of point when it comes to direction and such.

"Disclaimer" I will be doing a more proper concept during the weekend and at the start of the next week. 

The thread will not see so much character art at first though, and that is because Currently at my school, we have a course which is pretty much that during 6 weeks, we should create 3 game-ready assets, and I started on the characters face as a 1 piece asset already. So that is worth to be taking in to consideration. That I will be working sort of weird on this character, as I will have to do some pieces separately, as that is required for the course. But once the course is done we only have a portfolio making course left.

So what do I need help with?

Well I am mostly concerned about the design aspect, and even the question if this is something that would be a good idea for a portfolio? Is it interesting enough with an armored female samurai?  Or should I make something else entirely? But for now I do not have a proper concept, and until that is done it is very hard to see if the design would work or not. I will post the face here that I did for the course I have now.  So if you people see anything that is wrong with it, let me know. 

After I have finished the concept and I decide that this is a character that I want to spend time on. I will redo the face entirely, as the topology and texturing was rushed for a deadline. So I am not happy with the textures, just for everyones attention =)

Sorry for the wall of text, but thank you if you read all the way here. Have a great day people! 


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