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Medieval Tavern (Unreal 4)

Hey everyone, I just finished making this medieval tavern.
It would mean a lot if you could give me some feedback, I'm always looking to improve myself.
thanks in advance,


  • Carabiner
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    Carabiner greentooth
    I think the lighting could use some more work. There are spots that are completely black - is there a way you could add a subtle world/ambient light so that those are slightly lit? Right now it's hard for me to see all the texture and modeling work you've done because of how intense the shadows are. The lighting also feels very orange to me -- I know a lot of the light is coming from candles, etc, but I think you could still tone that down a bit and introduce some more variety.
  • Lether
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    Lether polycounter lvl 8
    Hey Obi-Bram. I like your environment, it looks cool. 
    If i was you, i would try to make my lighting less darker than on your scene. It flatten your work on the textures, i find. For exemple, visually,it's hard to see the use of normal map, specular... Try to tweak your atmosphere to have a better work between texture and lighting.

    Another thing : i find the environment a little bit "hard edge" (i don't know how to say it in english... in french it's : "carré" ...). Maybe you can add some variation in the wood? Add more chaos in the scene. Everything look a little bit too clean. For exemple, the bench looks a little bit too "cubic". I can imagine, sometimes in the history of your scene, there was drunken people fighting each others and damage the table, the bench etc... It could give more mind to your work. :) 

    Hope it'll help you :)
  • Obi-Bram
    Thanks for the comments guys this feedback helps me a lot :smile: 
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