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Thunderbird 2 Hangar

As a child I grew up with a British television series from 1965: The Thunderbirds.
I loved the stunning international rescue operations and was a big fan of The Thunderbirds rescue vehicle number 2.
To pay tribute to this wonderful series I enjoyed so much I came up with the idea to recreate the same feeling the series had, but using computer graphics instead of puppets.
It was very important to me to keep the same vintage look and feel as the original series, without losing it by making the hangar feel too digital and clean. This was one of my most important goals for the project.

I’ve always wanted to create an environment using the Unreal Engine, so this was the ultimate challenge for me.

I wanted to achieve a realistic look and feel, and wanted to get familiar with PBR (physical based rendering), so I decided to go for more high definition models combined with PBR materials.

I used software new to me to achieve high definition with ease and getting myself familiar with PBR materials. Substance Designer and Substance Painter helped me a lot during the process of defining the look and feel I was searching for.

During the process I lost a lot of time getting familiar with the new tools and adopting a new workflow. It wasn’t until close to the end when I was able to speed up the process and became comfortable with these new tools.

I love the substance tools and their hands-on approach to define materials and textures. I definitely will use the same tools for my next project.

After having spend approximately sixteen working days on the Hangar, learning all these new tools, I can look back at a tough, but great, ride.

I’m very happy with the results and I’m proud to present to you the Thunderbird 2 Hangar!

Thunderbirds are go!

ps. Full story can be read on my portfolio website.

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